Algueira 'Risco' Merenzao Ribeira Sacra 2016 (750ml)

'Merenzao' is the local name for this grape which is known as Trousseau in France and Bastardo in Portugal. 'Risco' is the surname of the previous owner of the plot. That is the name also of a famous Galician poet and in the Galician dialect means "risk"
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<<< which is exactly what Algueira did when they purchased this plot and tired to bring back Merenzao. Ribeira Sacra is one of the world's most amazing and dramatic wine regions. Like the Mosel or Cote Rotie, the vineyards are planted on extremely steep inclines (some up to 75 degrees!) and planted on terraces made from pure schist soils. These vineyards descend precipitously to the River Sil that twists and turns through the bottom of the valley. The schist soils, steep inclines and tempering effects of the river provide the perfect micro climate for producing truly special and unique wines.