We were lucky enough to host some great winemakers this week at Uva, including Croci and Casa Coste Piane, two great producers of Italian bubbly wine. We absolutely loved the wines and want get them into your hands, so we’re offering a 15% discount this week only! Personality shines through in these wines, and the care that each producer puts into the bottle is something we cherish.

Click HERE to buy Casa Coste Piane, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, 2017 $21.99 $18.69 with code BUB15
The opposite of commercial prosecco, Casa Coste Piane are in the steep hills of Valdobbiadene producing the dream of prosecco. This is THE top spot for prosecco, showing backbone and minerality in the glass. Solid limestone shallow soil and 60+ years old vines, planted in high pergola. Hand harvested fruit vinified simply with the second fermentation occurring in the bottle, no disgorgement.  Lemon, white flowers, and apple notes combine with a saline quality and fine bubbles.

Click HERE to buy Croci, Campedello Frizzante Bianco, 2017 $21.99 $18.69 with code BUB15

Croci, located in Piacenza (Emilia-Romagna region), focuses on delicious wines that referment naturally in the bottle. Steep hillside vineyards of vines at 300 meters. The soil is full of fossilized, limestone-rich seashells from when the land was an ocean floor. Massimiliano has taken the winery to a special place, the wines are unmistakable. The Campedello is a blend of mostly Malvasia di Candia Aromatica and Ortuga, the main focus of Croci’s white production. Dangerously delicious and exactly what I want to be drinking as spring comes. Notes of orange blossom, citrus, and malt in a hazy frizzante texture.