I keep finding myself reaching for this one. Elena Fucci, the powerhouse producer of Basilicata (an area deep in southern Italy full of Volcanic soil and sun soaked earth) produces, as her sole wine, this absolute crusher named “Titolo.”

The wine is 100% Aglianico, the always underrated noble grape of southern Italy. In the 2015 vintage the grapes produced a wine of power and integrated grace, commanding of your attention. The fruit is silky, the earthy components are rich, and the whole thing is aligned beautifully. Fermented in stainless steel and matured in oak for 12 months the wine has principle notes of black cherry, violet, and smoke. Balsamic, tobacco, and leather come through as well with an array of black and red fruits. Full bodied and with a firm finish, drink this wine with anything hearty. A deep ragu, dry-aged porterhouse, or the ultimate, an array of delicious barbecued meats with some half sour pickles (may we suggest the local, pictured above, Fette Seu - always on point.) One of the top producers in the area, working at the top of their game, drink this wine now while the winter is among us!

Elena Fucci, Aglianico del Vulture DOC 'Titolo', 2015 $34.99 use code EFT15 for 15% OFF

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