Jochen Beurer is a force in German winemaking. He makes the type of wines you’re always hoping to discover. The wines are striking and alive with each sip, packed with energy and a pleasure to open. He’s working in Swabia, southwestern Germany, with a variety of grapes and an onslaught of quality. Farming is biodynamic, cellar practices are impeccable. A former European BMX champion turned revered, natural wine producer in southern Germany, what’s not to love? Today we have two of his bottles on offer.

 Beurer, Riesling Kieselsandstein, 2016 $27.99 use code BZR10 for 10% OFF

 The Riesling Kiselandstein is aged in foudre, grown on a dense stone soil, with fine threads of limestone and other minerals. Packed with citrus and herbal components. Chamomile, mixed flowers, and nutmeg. DRY and satisfying on the finish. Pair with turbot with mussels and bacon, grilled oysters, or pork chops with apples and onions.

 Beurer, Zweigelt, 2016 $26.99 use code BZR10 for 10% OFF

 Zweigelt is a grape we mostly see in Austria, but Beurer’s German example is shocking and attractive. Glossy and elegant, medium in body, and versatile. Grown on lime-rich clay soils and fermented in used barrels. Notes of raspberry and spice with a mineral through line. Happy with roast chicken, seared duck breast, or a lovingly made meatloaf.
An ambitious wine maker whose bottles we’ll be enjoying for years and years to come.

***Look out for Beurer's delicious rosé coming to Uva soon!