Bloomer Creek, Gewurztraminer 'Skin Fermented' 2020 (750ml)

Bloomer Creek has two parcels of Gewürztraminer - Morehouse Road Vineyard with vines that are 26 years old and Auten Vineyard with 7-year-old vines. At harvest, winemakers do two passes. >>>
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<<< The first occurs early in the season and the grapes are picked for acidity. The second pass comes later when the grapes are riper. Both batches, the earlier picked and the later picked, spend time fermenting on the skins. There is no set recipe as the eventual blend depends on the unique characteristics of every vintage. Grapes are spontaneously fermented on the skins generally for four and a half weeks Blended together, these fermentations offer a juicy core supported by earthy, dried citrus peel and tannin. Unfined and unfiltered, with minimal S02 only at bottling.