Bojo do Luar, Vinho Tinto Deu Pinote 2019 (750ml)

The Bojo do Luar wines is a project that came to life after Savio met a biodynamic producer in the Vinho Verde region, Fernando Paiva, who has been experimenting with ground chestnut flowers added to grapes and must before fermentation started >>>
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<<< and stopped using SO2 altogether in 2017. Fernando is a reference for non-intervention winemaking in the region and was the first Portuguese producer to have a DEMETER certification. Through him Savio met another producer, Antonio Sousa, who had started to practice biodynamic viticulture, but was still very shy about the changes in the cellar. Savio saw here an opportunity to use the traditional autochthonous grapes of Northern Portugal, vinified in a completely different way than it had been traditionally.