Château Pré Vert, 'Coccolithe' Vin de France 2019 (750ml)

The vineyards of Château Pré Vert have been grazed by sheeps since 2017, which makes for a pretty storybook-esque image. This wine is grown with no herbicides, no pesticides, and is vegan! 70% sémillon, 30% Sauvignon Blanc.
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"The ewes always start by consuming natural weeds, then green manures, depending on their appetite: vetch first, then clover, triticale and finally faba bean last. This eventually allows the faba bean to be kept in place, if desired, by leading the ewes to another plot. The large quantity of green manure consumed here constitutes an interesting manure contribution at this time of the year (just before bud break). Green manures turn into green fodder. It also allows the ewes to graze on new areas and avoid overgrazing"