Claire Naudin, Aligoté 'Le Clou 34', 2018 (750ml)

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Claire Naudin officially took the Domaine Naudin Ferrand in 1994, and quickly shaped it to her own personality and style. She believes in sustainable winemaking and refuses standardization >>>
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<<< favoring a viticulture and a constant questioning of "chemical" practices. She avoids chemicals in the vineyard, not only because they affect soil quality in the long-term and because she feels they are detrimental to the health of vineyard workers. She’s argued with appellation standards for years, feeling that some of the rules are detrimental to the quality of wine. Her wines are deeply rooted in Burgundian tradition and they carry all of her sensitivity, and the promise of a better future. As a woman winemaker and passionate mother of three, she wants to perpetuate what she has received. “My wine will no longer be trapped in a ‘small’ label. The ‘Burgundy white grape’ has been drawn down, overused- and even despised by many colleagues who have forgotten how it could still be quite pleasurable. So I will lift this wine up, and I will go beyond what the label would allow me.”