Agnanum, 'Sabbia Vulcanica' Rosso, 2018 (750ml)

Located within the crater of Agnano, Rafaelle tends 10 hectares of very old, terraced vines that sit high atop an impressive hill with a beautiful view. The indigenous Falanghina is grown for white and Piedirosso for red. >>>
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<<< The vines are as gnarly as they come, and range from 60 to 200 years old. Because of the unique, layered composition of the soils (volcanic ash and sand, sandy basalt and basalt subsoil), the entirety of the estate is planted in franc de pied. Though it feels much higher, the vines are 150 to 200m elevation. Rafaelle lets grass grow wild to absorb water, which would otherwise overfeed the vines. The grass also helps create a layer of moisture that helps cool down the vines, and old trick that has been passed along for generations. No chemicals are used in the vineyards, and nearly everything is done by hand.