Eve's Cidery, Cider 'Autumn's Gold', 2019 (750ml)

Goldenrod, pine, black tea notes. Pair with BBQ pulled pork, paella on the patio, spicy Indian curry or basically any dish where you want something dry and fresh with a sweet ripeness on the nose and a solid tannic backbone. >>>
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<<< From the grower: "In Charles Baltet’s Traite de la Culture Fruitere, Commercial et Bourgeoise, Paris, 1889 Frequin Rouge is described as having “…fruit bitter, containing the elements necessary for a rich, savory and healthy cider; of excellent quality…” In our Albee Hill orchard, Frequin Rouge has done exceptionally well. It’s dark green, glossy foliage seems to resist most diseases, and the tree has a natural vigor that pairs well with our marginal, rocky soils. But best of all, it produces heavy yields of small bright red apples that are dense, tannic sugary and full of that classic bittersweet apple aroma. On the down side, it’s totally biennial..it only crops every other year. In 2019, we had a heavy crop of Frequin Rouge and we decided it would make the bittersweet base of our Autumn’s Gold cider. This cider is a vision, not a recipe, and is essentially our signature blend. Each year we try to find synergy in what the harvest has offered and blend it into a complex layered cider; a big cider, a cider that pairs with grilled meats and rich cheeses, but also an eloquent cider, a cider with sweet aromas to pair with spicy curries and enough acid to keep it all fresh and Finger Lakes style."