Forthave Spirits, Yellow Genepi (750ml)

"Forthave sources flowers from a friend in the Savoy who grows white génépi and allots them a small portion of the annual harvest; the distillery macerates the flowers twice before infusing them into a fortified wine base made in Middleport, New York. >>>
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<<< Winemaker Zack Klug, who specializes in low-intervention releases, worked with Forthave to develop a cuvée that would complement the notes of elder, chamomile and papaya that are released during maceration. “We wanted something clean, high-acid and very precise, similar to Chablis. The Cayuga is lemony and high-toned with some minerality, and dovetails well with the floral elements,” explains de la Nuez.Those pronounced characteristics are balanced with a touch of raw turbinado sugar, resulting in an aperitif that offers an alternative to the brasher, spirit-based génépy expressions currently on the market. “We wanted something lighter and delicate that could be consumed on the rocks or in a soda or Spritz,” says de la Nuez. Forthave’s Yellow comes on the heels of two other American-born génépy liqueurs, although it remains the only wine-based iteration to date."

Laurel Miller,