Selosse, 'Millesime' Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs 2009 (750ml)

A very strong vintage, perhaps the rarest of the Domaine Selosse (about 4000 bottles made), with a very stimulating sensation of astringent dryness. >>>
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<<< The fermentation is done naturally, without any external addition. The juices are not ruffled and the lees are periodically resuspended by stirring. After 8 to 12 months in barrels, the wines will continue their aging in vats or in tuns, still on their lees, before aging in the bottle between 3 and 10 years. Anselme Selosse’s parents carried out their first vinification in 1964. Ten years later Anselme began to experiment with growing methods and winemaking. The immunitary defences of the vines are helped naturally and no chemical is used. After the traditional pressing, the must is put in barrique barrels for the fermentation, starting without yeasts and developing with weekly batonnage during winter and monthly during the summertime. The process goes on naturally and sometimes it only ends in July. The malolactic fermentation is not so important, because wine natural acidity is not refused, since fertilizers are free of mineral potassium and no filtration is carried out. Anselme Selosse claims that he doesn't standardize the taste, but to narrate his vineyards' history, respecting their vocation as well as their soil. That is the reason why he does not use selected yeasts during fermentation: he prefers pure fructose to carry out the dosage when disgorging. To explain their philosophy to the vine, Anselme and Guillaume take the example of the picker: "the forest is the most beautiful ecosystem, we do not exploit it, we simply come to pick, take what it offers.”