Domaine Coche-Dury, Bourgogne Chard, 2017 (750ml)

Jean-François Coche Dury, seconded by his son Raphaël, produces wines that lovers of white Chardonnay from around the world are fighting for, and the critics are complimentary. Its domain covers more than 10.5 hectares, including 9 in Meursault.>>>
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<<< Recognizable among all, its wines are straight and have typical aromas reminiscent of hazelnut. They generally benefit from an exceptional length. The most prestigious vintages are aged in new barrels up to 50%. Unlike most other Burgundy estates, whites are aged longer than reds (20 versus 18 months on average). They are bottled by hand without prior filtration. Difficult to decide among the Meursault de Coche Dury to establish which is the best. They are all highly sought after, but it is probably the Corton Charlemagne of the area that makes his aficionados dream the most. The red Burgundy wines, although less famous than the white wines, are of excellent quality.