Domaine de la Tour du Bon, Bandol 2018 (750ml)

Made predominantly from Mourvèdre, Bandol reds perfectly translate the sun-kissed landscape of Provence. At once they flaunt a somewhat rustic, earthy side while expressing a full-throttle ripeness and almost bloody, animal character >>>
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<<< Agnès Henry is the current winemaker and owner of Domaine de la Tour du Bon. Her parents bought the estate in 1968 and it took them two years to dig into the rocky earth and get vines planted. Agnès has been making the wines full time for the last 25 years. She is one of the original winemakers in the "natural" movement, although, she does not advertise this info at all. When asked about it she says that she isn't interested in being a missionary or spokesperson for the natural movement. She practices organic agriculture and is hands off on the cellar because it makes the best wines (period).