Faccia Brutto, Fernet Pianta (750ml)

Faccia Brutto is a line of Italian-inspired liqueurs made by Patrick Miller, a former chef who worked in restaurants for fourteen years before turning his attention to creating spirits that pay homage to traditional Italian recipes.
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Based out of the Pfizer Building in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, Patrick works with organic ingredients to make his amari; the Aperitivo contains three oranges’ worth of peels in each bottle, and the Fernet includes fresh peppermint in its list of botanicals for a fresh take on the typically bracing digestif. In addition to the Aperitivo and the Fernet Pianta, Patrick continues to work on a number of experimental projects that age in used American barrels for a distinctive take on classic Italian spirits. Just as a chef would finish all dishes with a touch of salt, Patrick adds to salt to all the spirits prior to bottling round out all the botanicals and harmonize the sweet and bitter flavors.