Franco Terpin, 'Quinto Quarto' Bianco 2019 (750ml)

The contact on the skins of three days gives Quinto Quarto its golden and fascinating colour. The olfactory profile is composed by notes of chamomile >>>
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<<< yellow fruits and honey and anticipate a very drinkable and fresh sip, with a mineral and sapid aftertaste. On the border with Slovenia, in San Floriano del Collio, Franco Terpin cultivates his 10 hectares with love in a completely natural way. The soil is composed of a friable limestone clayey rock called ponka, derived from sandstone marl. The wines resemble him in structure and character: he is a statuesque and strong farmer, proud of his origins, hardworking and rigorous, but always open to dialogue and jokes. The most characteristic vines are Ribolla Gialla, Tocai Friulano (which he renamed Jakot), Pinot Grigio, supplemented by Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. vinifies all white wines with a few days of contact with the skins to extract more aromas and give a more complex structure to wines. It derives three lines from different selections in the vineyard, the best one takes its name from the area where the vineyard is located: the Sialis, 3 hectares of vineyards surrounded by woods, on the southern slope of Mount Calvario. The other vineyards are located near the house-cellar and give life to the Quinto Quarto, the base wine, and to the selections of the different vines vinified and bottled separately.