Grapesmith & Crusher, Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 (750ml)

From the producer: "Don’t you miss the clickety clack of vintage typewriters? The click of the iPhone’s touch screen keyboard certainly doesn’t have the same romantic charm. Not everything was better back then; >>>
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<<< surely few people miss using whiteout, but occasionally there is a yearning for how things used to be. When times were simpler, perhaps all it took was sharing a glass of wine with a friend at the end of the day to make everything feel alright. In fact, Com munal fully supports the idea that even in today’s chaotic world, the simplicity of a bottle of wine can still has the power to make everything OK. Good fruit. Good price. Tastes like Washington State Wine. Check. Grapesmith and Crusher’s imagery of a vintage typewriter came together then, upon the realization that possibly there is still a chance to go back to the basics and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. (Even if we are drinking our glass of Cabernet in one hand with an iPhone in the other.)"