Weingut Heinrich Spindler, Riesling Trocken Große Lage 'Jesuitengarten', 2015 (750ml)

Spindler has made wine for a very long time. David Schildknecht starts their story in Napoleonic Europe, and Spindler's importer in the 1600s. The wines are stupendous with food in that classic German way; they bring extra life to everything you eat. >>>
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<<< But they're more than a great accompaniment to a meal. Each wine had something unique to say. Pechstein said "minerals," and Kirchenstuck, "juicy." And the next level Jesuitgarten said, "I will slay them all." Markus makes wine in the Pfalz village of Forst, a special place with a range of top vineyards. The soils have more basalt and less slate than you expect in Germany. Grapes are a little easier to ripen and, in the hands of great growers, retain acidity, minerality, and unique personality. A few Pfalz producers, like Von Winning, have reached the top echelons in the German press and market. Markus Spindler doesn't quite have that following yet, but he will. He studied wine with Egon Müller, among other luminaries, and values "clarity" in wine more than anything else. He wants you to drink his wine, and see right away the story that it tells. And you do! But wines, of course, don't actually speak English. And our words don't do justice to the incredible waves of complexity and nuance Markus' work delivers. For that, you need to open a top bottle of dry Riesling from a legendary Forst site.