Herzanovi Pet Nat Cabernet Morvia St Laurent 2020 (750ml)

The Herzánovi winery started as a small family affair in 1997 when Jakub and Zuzana’s father planted their first wines in Kobylí. The winemaking is really minimal—the wines ferment solely with indigenous yeasts >>>
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<<< mostly age in used French oak barrels and nothing but grapes is used in their pet-nats and off-white label wines. The only exception are the “Black Label” wines, which receive a small addition of sulfur at bottling in order to preserve a “more polished” character compared to the funkier part of the range. Jakub’s interest in skin-contact also led him to purchase four qvevri in Georgia back in 2016; this PhD. research tool has been buried in his garden and has served as a fermentation/aging vessel for a part of Herzánovi’s wines ever since.