Lagavulin, Single Malt 8 year Scotch (750ml)

Lagavulin 8 years old is a Single Malt grading at 48 °, all finesse and resolutely characteristic of Lagavulin with a light texture, sweetness and lots of smoke in a mixture of notes of peppermint and dark chocolate. >>>
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<<< Built in 1816 on the south-eastern coast of the Isle of Islay, not far from the ruins of Dunyvaig Castle, the former fortress of the Lord of the Islands, the Lagavulin distillery produces a single malt that has become almost as legendary as the island where he was born. Among all Islay malts, renowned for their peaty and smoky character, Lagavulin stands out for its depth and complexity: powerful and intensely peaty, it is also rich and round, almost mellow on the palate. It is this double personality that allows us to better understand the two exceptional cask raw versions recently offered by the distillery. The uniqueness and quality of Lagavulin whiskeys allows the distillery to be part of the Classic Malts Selection. Created more than 20 years ago, the latter combines Single Malts, resulting from the know-how of emblematic distilleries, to offer you most of the great terroirs of Scotland.