Luis Seabra, Douro Xisto Ilimitado Tinto 2018 (750ml)

Luis Seabra loves, loves, loves, loves, wine. It’s a passion, bordering on obsession, but one that has turned him into Portugal’s greatest innovator and winemaker. His wines defy expectations, tasting nothing like the rich, extracted wines of his Douro ne
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<<< You stop to wonder what everyone else might be doing wrong. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with what his neighbors have been doing. But he’s doing something no one else has tried. The Douro is Europe's oldest demarcated wine region and has been world famous for their Port wines virtually that whole time. But Port wine, perfected over decades and centuries, isn’t like dry wines. For instance, unlike the other ancient and famous regions (Tokaj, Burgundy, Mosel, Piedmont, etc.) no one has ever made a single soil map of the place. So when the market for sweet Port wines started to dry up, and the locals started to make dry wines they didn’t have the frames of reference most dry wine makers have. So they made dry versions of Port. These are wines that have a place. They can be delicious. But they are not transparent to the soil in the way that most great dry wines are.