Montesissa Emilio Rio Mora 2018 (750ml)

Rio Mora by Elisabetta Montesissa is a red frizzante in the most traditional style of the region. A blend of barbera and bonarda with superb notes of ripe red fruits and a vegetal touch. Fine tannic structure softened by the most pleasant sparkling >>>
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<<< 1,000 years ago, the land on the hills of Val Charo – in Emilio Romagna – were beaches. By 1930, this estate established itself 3,000 meters up in this excellent terroir. It is also home to La Stoppa and Maximillion No Croci who are close with the estates next generation winemaker, Elisabetta Montesissa. “Frizzante” means that the wine bubble is less pronounced than in a sparkling wine using the traditional method. Fermentation is stopped by the winter cold and the drop in temperature which leads the yeasts to dormancy. The wine is then bottled in which there is a slight residual sugar. When spring arrives and the heat returns, fermentation resumes in the bottle and the dormant yeasts resume activities by transforming the remaining sugars into gas in the bottle.