Sori Paitin, Barbera d'Alba Serra 2018 (750ml)

Paitin is one of the oldest wineries in Barbaresco, they consider 1796 their founding but their roots in the area date back even further. They are known for their old vine parcel of Sori Paitin within the Serraboella cru >>>
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<<< Serraboella is known as being one of the more structured crus in Barbaresco. While the vineyards within the village of Barbaresco itself are often the first ones that wine enthusiasts get to know – e.g. Montestefano, Asili and Rabaja - arguably the greatest Barbaresco cru is actually in Neive; that is the famed Santo Stefano di Neive by Bruno Giacosa located within the Albesani cru. The other famed cru of Neive is Serraboella, the jewel of which is the Sori Paitin cru.