Sv. Vicenco, 'Island Red' 2019 (750ml)

100% Plavac Mali, a cross between Crljenak Kaštelanski (ancestral Zinfandel), and Dobričić grapes, the primary red wine grape grown along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. Sv. Vicenco is located in Croatia on the island of Lastovo. >>>
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<<< Croatia has over 1,000 islands – amongst them, Lastovo is furthest away from the main coast, and is actually closer to Italy. The island itself is very small, with lots of greenery, and is less rocky than nearby islands. Only 500 people live on the island. Schoolchildren travel by boat to get to attend classes.Around 20 years ago, Arsen returned to Lastovo after spending time working at multiple wineries in Alto-Adige. He desired to make wine with his own input, realizing he wanted to return home. Arsen farms 1.80 ha of native varieties Plavac Mali and Plavina, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines range from 20-40 years old, and are planted over terra rossa and limestone. He farms with very low intervention, and only adds a small amount of sulfur a few weeks prior to bottling.

5-12 day maceration, spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel with indigenous yeasts