Vino Martville, Aladasturi Qveri 2018 (750ml)

Medium purple. Intense, sweet, dark berry fruit on the nose. Medium high acid. Medium low tannin. In 2015, Zaza Gagua and his wife Keto Ninidze decided to leave Tbilisi to settle with their two daughters in the small town of Martgrili >>>
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<<< in the Megrel region, where, in the 1930s, his great-grandfather had built a traditional wooden country house with a large terrace. It is not far from the enchanting Martvili Canyon where the crystalline Abasha River winds. By the way, Zaza is also the director of this nationwide famous national park. Since 2017, he has been guiding those curious about the vineyard and offering discreet wine tourism. Zaza and Keta both produce wine, but each cultivate their own vineyard, with different vines and two distinct brands: that of Zaza has the Vino Martville label, a nod to the Martvili region. This wine weighs only 9.2% alcohol! No, it's not that he is harvesting prematurely, but his Aladasturi vineyard produces very little sugar, and its terroir is characterized by intense acidity and minerality. The wine is therefore light in alcohol, but does not lack intensity.