Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro Liqueur (750ml)

From the story of Carlo Zucca, founder of the Rabarbaro Zucca brand: "My name is Carlo Zucca I spent most of my childhood in my family’s workshop in the midst of the comings and goings of customers and the scent of herbs crushed in a large mortar. >>>
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<<< Originating from this same workshop and with my sons, Emilio and Gerolamo, I founded the industry that bears our name. I have found, in the old register held by my predecessor Ettore, a small recipe hand-written by his wife, Tilde: following her doctor’s advice, she used to prepare a special infusion of rhubarb and medicinal herbs to help her rather poor digestion. Her husband, Ettore, added a little secret touch of his own and he wrote a note:

'Add just enough alcohol until the mixture reaches 30% all./Vol'

This was the birth of Rabarbaro Zucco which started from my hometown of Milan as a homemade spirit and has become the signature liquor of the city’s distinguished society." -1919